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Is a brokerage agreement required when you use the services of a realtor?

In the course of our business, we have very often encountered this issue. To the questions they asked, our inquisitive clients usually did not receive the expected answers.

Why? The answer is quite obvious. We are a real estate agency that strictly adheres to the rules prescribed by the Law and implements them in business. In order to eliminate any kind of doubt as to whether or not it is necessary to sign a Brokerage Agreement with any real estate agency, today we dedicate our time to this topic.

The law governing the terms and conditions of business for all registered real estate agencies in the Republic of Serbia is the Law on Real Estate Brokerage and Leasing.

In accordance with Article 15 of the Law on Real Estate Brokerage and Leasing, mediation is conducted solely on the basis of the real estate brokerage or lease agreement concluded between the client and the mediator (broker).

The client may be the seller, the buyer, the lessor or the lessee, or their authorized representative.

The brokerage agreement shall be concluded in written or electronic form, in accordance with the law governing electronic commerce.

In addition to the rights and obligations of the mediator (broker) and the client, the brokerage agreement also contains information on the broker and the number under which the real estate agent is registered in the Registry of Brokers, the client, the type and essential elements of the mediated legal transaction, the amount, manner, and term of payment of the brokerage fee, the validity period of the agreement, as well as the type and the cost of additional services, if agreed.

As You can see from all the above, the dilemma is resolved. The Law is specific and precise, and it is up to real estate agencies to abide by it and implement all its provisions.

To Conclude, in order to use the services of any real estate agency, it is necessary to sign a Brokerage Agreement; remember, this particular agreement protects Your rights, the rights of our clients, and also our rights as the agency whose services You wish to use.

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